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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ladanum company in the village Sises in Crete

Ladanum company in the village Sises in Crete

Ladanum is a plant which grows in the island of C R E T E and specially in the area of village S I S S E S (where our factory exists).lt is a natural plant cultivation and harvest of which our company organized during the last 20 years.Today we are proud to inform you that we succeeded to get the highest quality as it concerns smelling-burning and hardness of its juice.

On spring startes the harvest of the fragrant juice which the plant produces. It is a laborius and delicate procedure for exceptional skilled workmen. By hiting the plant with a specific implement slowly and methodically they detach the juice from the flower. Afterwards they separate the juice from the tool which is Iiquid but it gets solid as soon as it ¡s frozen.

Now the solid juice must come into the laboratory where it is
worked out under special finishing (centifugal cleaning in machine under high temperature) where its quality is checked. Now the juice is ready for the final tests which concern its hardnes - smell and burning.After the final tests the solid juice of labdanum is ready to get into the pack-up section where it will be packed and kept
under special temperature in order not to loose its attributes. The liquid juice after pedantic filter is ready to fill the bottles.

Packing of ladanum differs analogous the client's desire. It is
usually packed in plastic or metal tins 5, 8, 10, 15 kilos each or standardized in plastic bags of 250 or 500grams. A label with the bugers firm can also be put on the packed ladanum.