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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Cistus creticus (Cistaceae) - Fragrant Rockrose

Cistus creticus (Cistaceae)
Fragrant Rockrose
"Found throughout the Mediterranean region, this
extremely variable plant has gray-green, often
recirved leaves and hairy stems. Flowers range from
mid-pink to rose-purple or pale lilac. Some
botanical authorities list Cistus creticus as a
subspecies of Cistus incanus as they are closely
allied in form and flower." The Rockroses, by Kem
Cistus creticus 'John Catterson'
"A rockrose with exceptionally fine form, 'John
Catterson' originated as a chance seedling
discovered and introduced by Gary Ratway and
Deborah Whigham of Digging Dog Nursery. It is
excellent for coastal areas, offering 3-inch magent
flowers and a tight, mounding growth habit to 5 feet
tall and as wide. Blooming season on the
Mendocino coast if from March throught July."
The Rockroses, by Kem Montgomery
For further reading, see also:
Brooms and Rockroses: a gardener's
by Lester Hawkins,
Pacific Horticulture, Fall 1978,
(Cistus creticus featured on cover)

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