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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Cistus creticus L.

Cistus creticus L.
Western & Central Mediterranean, from
Southern Spain to South-Eastern Italy - on
sandy soils and scrub
Pink Rockrose, Mauve Rockrose, Hairy
Rockrose, Gum Cistus, Grey Rockrose,
Hoary Cistus, Balm of Gilead (biblical)
Cisto rosso, Cisto villoso, Rosola
(Italian), Turdju burdu, Mudrju biancu,
Mucchju biancu, Murdegu oinu (Italian,
Sardo), Jara gris (Castillian Spanish)
A highly variable species which helps to
confuse identification of species and
natural hybrids. Overall, the foliage
tends to be somewhat sticky, slightly
undulate to very wavy edged and/or
crinkly in texture. The 4-5cm magenta
pink flowers are borne singly throughout
the plant from March to June. Found in
the garrigue and maquis, rocky areas,
stony dry hillsides, open pine forests.
Tolerant of a variety of substrate but
prefer calcareous soil.
Synonyms C. incanus C. polymorphus
Willk. C. villosus
C. creticus forma albus white flowers
C. creticus subsp. corsicus
Cistus creticus - mediterranean climate gardening througho...
2 of 2 29/11/2004 10:09 µµ
C. creticus subsp. creticus wavy-edged
leaves with sticky hairs, exuding ladanum
C. creticus 'Lasithi' compact habit,
rounded form
C. creticus forma albus 'Tania Compton'
an albino selection
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